Friday, July 16, 2010

Lazy Days, Finally

After a horrendous semester in school and entirely too much time spent away from Eliahna, I am finally home with her. I am home with her all day everyday. We get to play all day and jsut be lazy. We take naps, go for walks and practice walking. Its so amazing just to be able to be with her all the time. I missed her so much. The first day I went back to school after she arrived, she had just turned two months old and I still remember the sound of her crying as I walked down the hall way and farther away from her. The only consolation, if there was one, was seeing the way her little eyes little up and her arms shoot up for me to pick her up when i got home. I feel so lucky that I never had to put her in day care. There is nothing wrong with those who do use day care, but I am way to paranoid and have heard too many horror stories from moms who did send their kids to day care. My grandmother, Eliahna's great-grandma was able to watch her with I was in class. I'm thankful for that everyday. I'm thankful for the fact that i don't have to worry what's happening to her, or if they're cuddling her the way she likes, or if shes being changed in the timely manner. I know, without a doubt in my mind, that Eliahna is getting the best care possible when I'm not able to be with her.

When Eliahna was born, I momentarily contemplated not going back to school. I didn't want to be away from her, I was scared that something would happen to her while i was gone, and I was scared that i would miss something like the first word, first time she walked, or the first time she rolled over. Then after thinking all of that I realized that I am going to school FOR her. I'm going to school to set a good example for her, to show her that anything is possible and that there is nothing better than following your dreams. I know one day that she will be proud of me and in just knowing that, I have become proud of myself and luckily for me I have managed to not miss a single first. I saw her roll over at two months. I saw her say her first word on December 23, 2009,which happened to be Mama. I saw her first steps on June 20, 2010, Father's Day, which made Glen extremely happy. I love that I was able to see everything, but as time goes on I'm starting to realize that even if i would have missed those things, it would have been okay because Eliahna knows that I love he unconditionally and I know she feels the same. At the end of the day thats all that matters.

I'm glad that I have Glen to talk about everything with and to always be supportive fo my decisions. He has told me since day one that everything will work out and that he will always take care of Eliahna and I. Knowing that I have that support and love coming from my partner, it gives me all the confidence in the world. Everyday that goes by, we realized that having Eliahna is the best thing that could have ever happened to us. We found out we were pregnant on October 18, 2009 and it changed our lives. Instead of thinking of ourselves, we began to see the world differently and realize that we now shared our life with our baby:

Eliahna Mehkai
June 22, 2009
11:23 AM
6 Pounds 12 Ounces

Thursday, July 15, 2010

New To This.

I have never had a blog before, but I feel like by starting one I'll be able to get my feelings out, document all the exciting and memorable things that happen in my family's lives and maybe make some new friends along the way. Many of my friends don't have children yet, so on occasion I feel somewhat isolated. While I'm talking about the best brand of diapers, how many teeth she has, or humming Twinkle, Twinkle or Baby Beluga, most of my friends are thinking about what party they're going to, or how they're going to get home that night. I'm a very self conscious, shy person so opening up to people is hard for me. I think maybe by doing it this way, I'll be able to let loose a little more.
Right now, it is six oh six in the morning and both Glen, my boyfriend, and Eliahna, our daughter, are still sleeping, but i haven't slept in all night. Instead, I've been cleaning, starting this blog, and watching music videos. I know I'll be paying for it at two this afternoon when Ellie wants to play and I'm dog tired, haha. Today is one of our long days. My boyfriend works two job. He leaves at eleven in the morning and doesn't get home till after three AM. It's hard having him away from the house so much. Both Ellie and I miss him very much. The hardest part is knowing how upset he gets when he misses something she's done. For example, a few weeks ago, she walked for the first time and he wasn't able to see it. I'm so glad that I was able to see it, and I tried to record her for him to see; but I know its just not the same. We, Glen and I, just keep telling ourselves this is for our future, these crazy work hours are going to pay off, we're going to be able to save up for a house, it'll make things easier in the long run. So, Ellie and I will be alone all day, which is fun. She has been talking and walking more and more everyday. Its so exciting, I never know what she's going to say or do next. Right now, her favorite word is Puppy! She just says it over and over again. When a commercial for dog food or the ASPCA shows on the TV, she goes nuts. She gets so excited, she even squeals! I love it!
Little by little, she's adjusting to walking. At this point, she'd rather crawl. It's easier and for her faster, I like to call her my little speed crawler. Everywhere she goes, it's like she just can't wait to get there. Before I had a Eliahna, I always used to hear parents talking about their kids non-stop. I would think 'Gosh, is that all they talk about?'. Now....I've become that parent. Funny how life works out. Ironic how some of the things you thought you would never do, or never like become your favorite things when you do them with your baby. Even before i got pregnant, I would always say 'My kid won't sleep with me, the baby will be in it's own bed in it's own room'. Haha, yeah right. The minute I looked into those big brown beautiful eyes, I wanted to spend every second possible with her, awake or asleep it didn't matter. Here we are a year later, still co-sleeping. Part of that is because I breastfed the entire year and it was easier to have her next to me, but I also couldn't picture her all alone in her room when she could be snuggling up with Glen and I.
Speaking of, I think Glen is waking up, so for now this is it. I'm off to make breakfast or mabe I'm off to McDonalds, haha. Hope you all found this first attempt at a blog entry somewhat interesting. I'm completely open to feedback, questions, or comments. I'll be back soon, can't wait to get into the swing of things.
-Everyday Amazing